Pearl Jam - 25 Minutes To Go

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Band name Pearl Jam
Song name 25 Minutes To Go
Tab type Chords
Added 06/09/2008
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Artist: Pearl Jam				
Album: Benaroya Hall (2004)
Song: 25 Minutes To Go

Tabbed out: Nicolas L.J.

E 							  E
Theyíre building the gallows outside of my own cell.  Iíve got 25 minutes to 
B                  						      E
go.  In 25 minutes Iíll be in hell, Iíve got 24 minutes to go.  Well they gave 
me some peas for my last meal with 23 minutes to go.  And you know nobodyís 
asking me oh how I feel Iíve got 22 minutes to go.  So I wrote the Govínor and 
the whole damn ???? with 21 minutes to go.  And I called up the Mayor and you 
know heís out to lunch with 20 more minutes to go.  And the Sheriff said ďBoy, 
I wanna watch you dieĒ with 19 minutes to go.  So I spit in his face and then I 
kicked him in the eye with 18 minutes to go.

G 								          D	
Well I called to the warden to take my plea with 17 minutes to go.  He says 
ďCall me back in a week or threeĒ with 16 minutes to go.  Well my lawyer says 
heís sorry and heíll miss my case with 15 minutes to go.  Well if youíre so 
sorry then come and take my place with 14 minutes to go.  Well he comes Padre 
gonna set me free with 13 minutes to go.  And Iím stuck in my bed and you know 
I feel so fuckin cold with 12 more minutes to go.  Now theyíre testing the 
trap, Iíve got chills down my spine with 11 more minutes to go.  Cuz the god-
damn thing seems to work just fine with 10 more minutes to go.  Iím waiting for 
the pardon gonna set me free with 9 more minutes to go.  But this ainít the 
movies so the hell with me with 8 more minutes to go.

Now Iím climbing up the ladder that the scaffolder built with 7 more minutes to 
 E										       A
go. I better watch my step before I break my leg with 6 more minutes to go.  
With my feet on the trap and my head in the noose Iíve got 5 more minutes to 
 E										    A
go.  Well come on someone and cut me loose Iíve got 4 more minutes to go.  I 
can see the mountains I can see the sky with 3 more minutes to go.  And itís 
too damn pretty for a man to want to die with 2 more minutes to go.  I can hear 
the bush and I see the crows with 1 more minute to go.  And now Iím swinging 

here I go.
   E    B    G    D    A