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Band name 4-skins
Song name ACAB
Tab type Bass tab
Added 04/30/2008
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A.C.A.B. (All Cops Are Bastards)
By:The 4Skins
Album:i have this song off their rarities album

intro & verse


  --------2--5--7----  x3  while playing this part you have to be screaming 
A.C.A.B. along with the song

the little ditty after the chorus (listen to the damn song to get this part!)
then after that it just chorus and verse

"mona always said to stay away from the train line she said that all the 
railroad men just drink up your blood like wine. an' I said ah but I didn't 
know this 'cause theres only one i've met, and he just smoked my eyelids and 
punched my cigarette."
                     - some drunk old man

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