Alex Nifong - Beauty Of Heaven

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Band name Alex Nifong
Song name Beauty Of Heaven
Tab type Chords
Added 05/01/2008
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Beauty Of Heaven
Steve Fee, Alex Nifong

Key: E
Capo 3

Verse 1:
Put praise upon my lips new each day
And lift my feet up from the pit out of the clay
    E/G#            A             E     B
And set me upon the rock of my salvation
Let the rhythm in my heart that beats in Yours and
Give me a melody so sweet and pure
    E/G#              A               E      B
And let it serve as a call to all the nations

E                     C#m7
 Put a new song in my heart
A hymn of praise to the Lord our God
Fill it with the beauty of heaven
E                     C#m7
 Put a new song in my heart
A song to light up the dark
Fill it with the life from heaven
With the beauty of heaven
              A      E
The beauty of heaven

Verse 2:
May the wonders of this world always inspire
Words that proclaim the truth and lift You higher
    E/G#         A           E       B
and higher above all of Your creation
Open my ears to hear the beautiful sound that
surrounds Your throne of heaven now
      E/G#                   A            E
And I join my voice with the cries of exaltation
To You my King now

       E           E/D#        C#m7           B
Let us join in the chorus, the chorus of the angels
    A                   E/G#           A   B
The psalms that they're singing to You now (x2)
        E     E/D#     C#m7         B        A    E/G#  A  B
Let the earth resound, resound with heaven's song (x2)
        E   E/D# C#m7  B   A    E/G# A    B
We sing Al - le - lu - ia, Al - le - lu - ia?
              E   E/D# C#m7  B   A   E/G#  A    B
We're singing Al - le - lu - ia, Al - le - lu - ia?(x2)