Bell William - A Tribute To A King

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Band name Bell William
Song name A Tribute To A King
Tab type Chords
Added 05/06/2008
Size 1.99 kb
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Transcribed by Jack Lewis -

I couldn't find this anywhere, so I ditched my laziness and worked it out.  Nice tune.
Just to clarify - Db/D means a D chord but with a Db as the root note.


D             Bm     
Listen people listen, 
     A                G
I'm gonna sing you a song,
  F             G               
About a man who lived good, 
but didn't live too long.
          D           B         
He was born in maican georgia, 
   A                  G
a poor boy without a dad,
    F               G                       A        D
He found his way to memphis, 
         A               D
Singing these arms are mine


D  Db/D     Bm              A/Bm
Otis,  Otis redding was his name,
    G                F 
without his soul for singing,
This whole world wouldn't be the same

       D                Bm
Now he travelled on the frisco, 
A              G
New York and Abroad, 
 F             G
everywhere he sang, 
the people would applaud
    D            B
One day he left georgia, 
A          G
wisconsin bound, 
       F                       G
but he didn't get to sing that night,
    A                    D
The plane he was in went down



          D          Bm
He was a soul music singer, 
A                       G
The king of the memphis sound
   F                G    
It makes me feel so sad, 
Cos now he aint around

    D            B 
He died with his guitar,
A             G
Close to his hands
         F               G
But his soul lives on today, 
        A                  D
In the hearts of a million fans


              D  Db/D     Bm              A/Bm
Talking 'bout Otis,  Otis redding was his name,
    G                 F 
HIs picture oughta be hangin',
In the music hall of fame

D   D/Db      Bm           A-B-Db-A
Otis,  He was known as Big O
Otis, OohWe're gonna miss him so
Otis, Oooh yeah, we're gonna miss him so. (FADE OUT)