Dick Curless - A Tomebstone Every Mile

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Band name Dick Curless
Song name A Tomebstone Every Mile
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Added 05/11/2008
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A Tomebstone Every Mile Chords by Dick Curless, 

INTRO: Notes to last line of CHORUS
[G7] All you [C] big and burly men who roll the trucks along
Better listen, you'll be thankful, when you [G7] hear my song
You have [C] really got made, if you're [F] haulin' goods
[C] Any place on earth, but those [G7] Haynesville [C] Woods.

[C] It's a stretch of road, up [F] north in Maine
That's [C] never ever, ever seen a [G7] smile
If they [C] buried all the trucker's [F] lost in them woods
There'd be a [C] tombstone [G7] ev'ry [C] mile
Count 'em [F] off, there'd be a [C] tomb-stone [G7] ev'ry [C] mile. [G7]

When you're loaded with potatoes and you're headed down
You gotta drive the Woods to get to Boston town
When it's winter up in Maine, better check it over twice
That Haynesville Road is just a ribbon of ice.


When you're talkin' to a trucker that's been haulin' goods
Down the stretch of road in Maine, they call the Haynesville Woods
He'll tell you that dyin' and goin' down below
Won't be half as bad as drivin' on that road of ice and snow.