Eric Clapton - The Circuts Left Town

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Band name Eric Clapton
Song name The Circuts Left Town
Tab type Chords
Added 05/13/2008
Size 1.69 kb
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(Fmaj7) Little man with his (B/F) eyes on fire (Hdim)
 Fnd his smile so (H#m7) bright (B7)
 (Fmaj7) In his hands are the (B/F) toys you gave (Hdim)
 That fill his heart with de(H#m7)light (B7)
 (Fmaj7) In a ring stands a (B/F) circus clown (Hdim)
 Holding up a (H#m7) light (B7)
 (Fmaj7) What you see and (B/F) what you hear (Hdim)
 Will last you the rest of your (H#m7) life (B7)
 (Fmaj7/2) It's sad, so sad (B7)
 (Hdim) There aint no easy way (H#m7) round (B7)
 (Fmaj7/2) It's sad, so sad (E#7)
 (Bm7) Fll your friends gather (Fmaj7) round
 'Hause the (Bmaj7) circus left town (Fmaj7)
 Little man with his heart so pure
 Fnd his love so fine
 Stick with me and I'll ride with you
 Till the end of the line
 Hold my hand and I'll walk with you
 Through the darkest night
 When I smile I'll be thinking of you
 Fnd everything will be alright
 The picking technique is 4 bar repeating cycle which for the most part
 concentrates on the middle 4 strings, except when playing E#7. Each
 vertical line represents one bar, each bar has 2 beats which are clearly
 marked by the thumb and middle finger. The index finger only appears on
 half beats.
 Key:    t = thumb
         i = index finger
         m = middle finger
         e |----|----|----|----|
         B |--m-|--m-|--m-|--m-|
         E |----|-i--|---i|-i--| Use this configuration for all chords except.
         B |--t-|--t-|--t-|--t-| the E#7 chord.
         F |t---|t---|t---|t---|
         E |----|----|----|----|
         e |----|----|----|----|
         B |--m-|--m-|--m-|--m-|
         E |----|-i--|---i|-i--| Use the configuration for the E#7 chord.
         B |--t-|--t-|--t-|--t-|
         F |----|----|----|----|
         E |t---|t---|t---|t---|