First Circle - Because Of You

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Band name First Circle
Song name Because Of You
Tab type Chords
Added 05/14/2008
Size 2 kb
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Artist: First Circle

Title: Because Of You


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Intro: D9 (2x)
D9           D9                       
If ever you wondered 
          G                    A
If you touched my soul yes you do
D9                   D9
Since I met you Im not the same
               G               A
You bring life to everything I do
Bm               F#m - Em                                       
Just the way you say hello 
with one touch I cant let go
Bm                F#m          Em-A
Never thought Id fall in love with you
           D9      D9
Because of you my life has changed
G                                 A
Thank you for the love and the joy you bring
           Bm   F#m
Because of you I feel no shame
Em                     A       
Ill tell the world just because of 
D9 (2x)
you. . .  Bb-D
D9                D9             
Sometimes I get lonely 
    G                       A  
And all I gotta do is think of you
D9                        D9
You captured something inside of me
              G                    A
You make all my dreams come true
Bm                         F#m
Its not enough that you love me for me
Em                              A     
You reached inside and touched me eternally
   Bm              F#m                  Em
I love you best explains how I feel for you 
(Repeat Chorus)
/Bm Bm             F#m       
The magic in your eyes, 
      F#m        Em
true love I can't deny               
             Em  A         F#7
When you hold me I just lost control
   Bm   Bm                F#m         F#m
I want you to know that Im never letting go
You mean so much to me, 
I want the world to see
Its because of you (Repeat Chorus)