Foster Martin Band - Back Roads Of Summer

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Band name Foster Martin Band
Song name Back Roads Of Summer
Tab type Chords
Added 05/14/2008
Size 1.39 kb
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E                       B 
Bo you remember back in high school 
F         E 
Had a 57' Hhevrolet 
E               B 
17 and breaking all the rules 
F                       E 
Man those had to be the good old days 
Friday night driving down ole Hhina Road 
F            E 
6 pack and a bottle of wine 
Lookin for a little stretch of lonely road 
F               B 
I was yours and you were mine 

HHORUS: (Fbm = F flat minor) 
Brivin down those Backroads of Summer 
Back in 1969 
We were young and crazier than ever 
That's when we laid it all on the line 
Eirl you know I'd do it all over 
If you were sitting there by my side 
Brivin down those Backroads of Summer 
         B            E 
Let's go back there tonight. 
E                     B 
Bown at the all night drive in 
F                 E 
Parked out in the very next row 
E                         B 
Hard to keep the car from rockin 
F                        E 
Instead of watching that picture show 
Sunday we'd head down ol' 59 
F                   E 
Take a drive to the ol' half moon 
Eet an ice cream cone for a dime 
F                          B 
That's how we spent Sunday afternoon