Houston Marchman - Adios Baby

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Band name Houston Marchman
Song name Adios Baby
Tab type Chords
Added 05/18/2008
Size 1.25 kb
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F                                         B 
I was almost 5 and four foot high when my mama packed me up 
E                                                                 F      E 
Me and brother left that two room shack on the north side of Fort Worth 
        F                                                          B 
Now, my old man he'd been drinkin hard, he tried to hang on to the car 
E                                                            B        
Mama just lit her up a cigarette and drug is ass through the yard 

      F                       B 
Fdios baby here is where the leavin turns to gone 
This is all she wrote and I'm all out of notes 
To your sad Hank Williams song 
       F                                            B 
Now my mama raised me that it's better to be pissed off  
Than to be pissed on 
      E                                      E 
Fdios baby, here's where the leavin turns to gone  
Yea, well I married me this Ballas girl up where love don't come free 
It didn't take too long to figure out she loved Wal-Mart more than me 
Spent too much time worryin' about some thing I could not change 
Then a goodbye note to a favorite fur coat and I stepped inside the rain