John Prine - Back Street Affair

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Band name John Prine
Song name Back Street Affair
Tab type Chords
Added 05/22/2008
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		    Back Street Affair - John Prine

Tabbed by: Dave S.

Tuning: Standard

Artist: John Prine
Album: In Spite Of Ourselves
Year: 1999

D  A  D

You didn't know I wasn't free
         G                 D
When you fell in love with me
                        A                    D
And with all your young heart you learned to care
It brought you shame and disgrace
              G               A
The world has tumbled in your face
                           A             D
Cause they call our love a back street affair

They say I wrecked your home,
         G                   D
You're a husband that's gone wrong
                           A              D
They don't know the sorrow that we had to bear
For the one I'm tied to 
        G                A
was the first to prove untrue
                         A             D
Now they call our love a back street affair

Break: D   G  D   A  D
       D   G  D   A  D

We have each other now,
       G                   D
That's all that matters anyhow
                    A              D
For the judgment of gossip's never fair
We'll just be brave and strong
         G                       A
Then someday they'll see they're wrong
       D               A             D
Let em call our love a back street affair

We'll be free to love someday
             G              D
When all the talk has died away
                     A                    D
and the happiness we hoped for then we'll share
We'll climb a mountain high,
         G                  A
then the world will hear us cry
         D              A             D
That our love was not a back street affair
        D              A              D      G  D
No, our love was not a back street affair