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Band name Love Song
Song name A Love Song
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Added 05/26/2008
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A Love Song
Words by Chuck Girard
Music by Chuck Girard and Jesse Johnston
on Love Song
Gmaj7   Dm/G      C        Cm
Lend an ear to a love song
Ooh, a love song
        Bm               Cmaj7 Am7 Dsus4 D7 Gmaj7
Let it take you, let it start
              Dm/G      C         Cm
What can you hear in a love song?
If you can feel it
              Bm              Cmaj7 D7 G
Then you're feeling from the heart
F#m                                             Emaj7
All the emotions true feelings of life is what music of love is about
Em7                         A7                         D   Gmaj7
If you are listening with peace in your heart and no doubt
           Dm/G     C        Cm
So listen now to a love song
If you can hear it
         Bm        Cmaj7 D7 G
We will never be apart

Transcribed by Joshua R. Martinez

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