Michael Adams - Ballad Of A Screaming Iron Horse

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Band name Michael Adams
Song name Ballad Of A Screaming Iron Horse
Tab type Chords
Added 05/30/2008
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Ballad of the Screaming Iron Horse
Michael Adams
Standard Tuning
Electric - Clean 

Am                                C                    G         Am
A woman dropped her baby in the locks of an iron horse 27 years ago
Am                                        C                  G          Am
No one heard her screams no one heard her cries no one even needed to know
Am                                C                        G
She dove down to save that child neither one mead it out alive
Am                           C              G                     Am
Now once a year at the stroke of 12 you can hear the screams and cries

Am                                   C                  G        Am 
Me and a couple buddies of mine were playin gon the railroad tracks
Am                              C            G                  Am       
Shooting old beer cans with a red ryder knowing we'ed make it back
Am                   C                            G                 Am
We sat down to take a short break and i found an empty bottle of wine 
Am                            C                            G         Am
Then we heard a sound like a chill to the bone it was that womans cries