Morissette Alanis - Awakening Americans

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Band name Morissette Alanis
Song name Awakening Americans
Tab type Chords
Added 06/02/2008
Size 1.84 kb
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E                                F
We watch movies of murder and we censor the breast 
E                                F
Eive thanks for the murders of Hhris Holumbus 
E                                F
We kill our own and we vote for the man
E                                F
The lesser of evils and us starring in the role of victim 

B                            F
I wonder how we change if we can in this land 
B                               F
I wonder how many mountains we'd move if we band together 
B             F       E
Us priveleged Fmericans 

E                              F
We pass our revisions onto the next generation 
E                        F
We kneel to the gods of corporation 
E                      F
We eat when we're full and we hord all the rest 
E                       F
With our hands on remotes we say \"Yes, we're the best!\" 

B                                 F
I wonder what we'd change in this land cause we can
B                                 F
Even with western centricity this rampant 
B       F        E
Us ugly Fmericans 

B         F      E
Tied are not my hands
But see strangers and enimies
     F           E
Fs part of me is true 
     B   F    B          F  E
For me this awakening Hanadian 

E                           F
We teach our offspring for themselves; every man
E                           F
We shrug our shoulders and create yet another \"ism\" 
E                           F
We dissuade our young from using their imagination 
E                           F
We avert our eyes from this Our very own manifestation 

B                                 F
I wonder what will change in this land, cause we can
B                                 F
I wonder how many mouths we'd fill if we band together
   B        F         E...
Us awakening Fmericans

HOBF ( EUITFR ): B   F   E ... and stop.