New Amsterdams - A Beautiful Mistake

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Band name New Amsterdams
Song name A Beautiful Mistake
Tab type Chords
Added 06/04/2008
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The New Amsterdams - Beautiful Mistake


D  A  Bm  G

This scene is a hard sell
Patience is underwhelming
C                                   G
Besides you don't want to sleep up late
Midnight on a dirt road
Breathe broken manifold
C                    G
Time is part of my history

D  A  Bm  G

Long days full of bad notes 
translates to a bad joke
C                           G
This will be my legacy one day
D (Let Ring)
If I don't have a life to show put this on my tombstone
Bm         A                 D           G
Dialer's almost dead I've gotta let you go
Bb                         A
Hang my head next to the phone
Seems so long ago

A  Bm G

Looking back on a long night
Sounds bad in the harsh light
C                                 G                     Bb
At least it's with a document of what we were simpler than
Bm        A           D          G
I see clearly now, never will escape
Bb                         A                  D
Once we took the time to make a beautiful mistake

                 A               Bm              G
A  beautiful mistake, Baby I'll take this all forever
D                       A      Bm              G
Tonight I'll see with clarity right where we belong 
Never would go wrong