Poached Trout - Jakes Sis

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Band name Poached Trout
Song name Jakes Sis
Tab type Chords
Added 06/11/2008
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Jake's Sis

By: Poached Trout

Intro: B, E, F#  x2

     B      E         F#

Her hair shines like sand

 B          E         F#

She's got eyes like grapes

     G#m     F# 

Her name's Renee


And Hulk Rules!

G#m        F#            E

She's the one from my dreams


(Fast) B, E, F#


          E           F#

I have lofty expectations


Of her body's specifications

      G#m        F#      B

Cause she's the one for me

       G#m          F#    E

Even though she's forty-three


(Fast) B, E, F#

I'd kung pow her chicken

She should work at Stop and Shop

She can speak pig latin

Blue eyes are my favorite

(No Playing)Even though she's got two glass ones

I bought her a Mazda Miata

She crashed it into my house

I got all riled up

But she left

(No playing)Then I ate some Mac n' Cheez