Roger Waters - 458 Am Dunroamin Duncarin Dunlivin

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Band name Roger Waters
Song name 458 Am Dunroamin Duncarin Dunlivin
Tab type Chords
Added 06/23/2008
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458 Am Dunroamin Duncarin Dunlivin Chords by Roger Waters, 

Roger Waters - 4.58 AM (Dunroamin, Duncarin, Dunlivin)
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        Hey kid, you looking for a lift?...Get on up here
        How's it going good buddy?
C                       Am
  I nailed ducks to the wall
G C                       Am
   Kept my heart in dark ruins
   G     C                      Am
I built bungalows all over the hills
 G  C                   Am
Dunroamin, duncarin, dunlivin
G C                     Am
   Took my girl to the country
G     C                 Am
To sleep out under the moon
 C                      Am
Next thing she's going crazy
        Women are like that kid
        What the hell can you do?
G    C                     Am
She waits for the real Mr. Right to come
G   C                   Am
   Gently removing her heart
           F                        G
With his promises of real communication
        I saw a program about that on TV........
F#    F
Who's always picking up the tab
Who built a bungalow for his mum and dad

Who took you out to all the shows
Who worked his fingers to the bone

While you were asleep
        It was me...I did
                      F#   F
I kept you in buttons and bows
        Christ all those clothes
So you could encourage this creep
 F#      F
With his   neat feet
And his clean fingernails
 F#       F                 C
With his wise but twinkling eyes
        F                      C
He's a rock standing out in an ocean of doubt
        Get movin', get off the road ya Goddam faggot
And compromise
F#   F                       C
I'd like to go on with this bit of a song
F                     C
  Describing this schmuck
     F            G                        C
I'd like to go on,  but I'm going to throw up
[Not in my rig you don't boy...get the hell out of here]