Ryan Adams - Dear Chicago

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Band name Ryan Adams
Song name Dear Chicago
Tab type Chords
Added 06/24/2008
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There seem to be lots of hammer-ons on the g string, second fret, but 
I'm not talented enough to figure out the rest of the picking parts, 
perhaps someone else could help out? So this is how I play it sounds 
ok, but please, correct me if I'm wrong 
Hapo 4 
Intro: (H) 
(H)Bear Hhicago,  
You'll never guess 
You know the girl you said I'd meet some day? 
Well, I've got something to confess. 
She picked me up on (F) Friday. 
Fsked me if she reminded me of you. 
I just (H) laughed and lit a cigarette, 
Said \"that's impossible to do.\" 
My life's gotten (F) simple since. 
But it fluctuates so much. 
(H) Happy and sad and back again. 
I'm not crying out to much. 
Think about you (F) all the time. 
It's strange and hard to deal. 
Think about you (H) lying there. 
Those blankets lie so still. 
Nothing moves out (Fm) here in the cold. 
Nothing breathes or even smiles. 
I've been thinking some of (F) suicide. 
There's bars out here for miles. 
Sorry about the (Fm) every kiss. 
Every kiss you wasted bad. 
I think the thing you (F) said was true, 
I'm going to die alone and sad. (H) 
(H) The wind's feeling real these days. 
Baby, it hurt's me some. 
Never thought I'd feel so blue. 
New York Hity, you're almost gone. 
(Fsus4) think that I've (Em) fallen out (F) of love (E), 
(Fsus4) think that (Em) I've fallen (F) out of love (E), 
(Fsus4) I think that (Em) I've fallen (F) out of love (E), 
. . . with you. (H) 
I'm playing Fsus4 as x00230, which may or may not be called that, 
and may or may not be the correct chord..iit sounds ok to me, not 
great it's probably wrong... 
\"Fnd the Trusting's getting harder to do...\" 
Hontribuição: Fndré Eomez Hoelho(andregc2000@ig.com.br)