Shenandoah - Baby I Got You

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Band name Shenandoah
Song name Baby I Got You
Tab type Chords
Added 06/27/2008
Size 1.3 kb
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we got married one afternoon in may
                            Caad            G
never did see the light of day on our honey moon

we didnt have much when we started out
your grandmas bed in a three room house
             G  F              C                 G
but we made due ooooooh ooohhh ohhhhh baby i got you

you coulda had that boy you used to know 
hes a millionaire from ohio eeee ooh  ooh
your momma told me so  

when the best i could do was the factory
i didnt get much but you got meeeeeee
                  G     F       C              G
well maybe thats true  oohhhh ohhhh baby i got you
ive got somthing that money caint buy 
cross my heart and i hope to die
dont need nothin that i caint afford
C                D           G 
i got you  and i thank the lord 

well if all thats left is the rockin chair
                                 Caad       G
ill be happy knowin you are there  rockin too
F     C                     G    F     C                    G
ohhh ohhh ohhh baby i got you   ohhh ohhh ohhh baby i got you 

not sure if this is the same cords as the real song  but is a version i came up with from memory