Stu Nunnery - Isle Of Debris

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Band name Stu Nunnery
Song name Isle Of Debris
Tab type Chords
Added 07/03/2008
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Isle Of Debris Chords by Stu Nunnery, 

by Stu Nunnery

Tabbed by Brian Beckmann
Capo at 2nd fret
Intro/Verse: A – E – D – F#m – G – F#m – G – F#m – E  (x2)

A            E      D                   F#m
There's a lady, street corner queen
          G                  F#m             G             F#m E
Got a patient that's waiting, Got a baby to feed
A             E                           D              F#m   
She’s not counting; she's got nothing to lose
                       G            F#m    G  F#m  E
Cause there's nothing to win anymore
A                            F
They say she was a good one
A                               F
She kept her patients well
A                             F         A                          F          E (pre-chorus)
But one day in her office, a sick one came to kill

A                  E               C         D                F          A 
Come take a look at the refuse, Here on the Isle of Debris
A                  E                      C              D                F         
Don't take a chance you just might lose here on the Isle of 
A            E                     C          D       F                        A   
Life and death supreme illusion, faded shadows in your eyes
A                  E                  C 
With all your theories and confusion
D               F                       A    Am7  A  Am7
There isn't time enough to die

(Repeat verse chords)
Young boy watching from a well to do clan
Got time on his hands and little more
Got a monkey that makes him a man
Like nothin’ else can or ever will

You say he’s not familiar with the good books you have read
He surely is mistaken… he really isn't dead

Come take a look.....

Ending: chorus goes   A – E - C – D - F – A – Am7 – A –  G