T Rex - Ballrooms Of Mars

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Band name T Rex
Song name Ballrooms Of Mars
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 07/08/2008
Size 2.44 kb
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I've noticed the two tabs you have on this wonderful song are close...but no cigar. 
off, it's gotta be played in open chords, definitely no barre chords. So here we go...

                         BALLROOMS OF MARS

  You gonna look fine    Be primed for dancing

  You're gonna trip and glide all over the trembling plane
E----------------------------------------------------3--------|       Just
B-----------------------1------------------1---------0--------|    strum the open
G-----------------------0------------------0---------0--------|    G major chord
D-------------------2------------------0-------------0--------|    like Marc does
A--------------3------------------2------------------2--------|    on the song

  You're diamond hands      will be stacked with roses

  And wind and cars and people of the past
E-----0--------0--------3------3------0-----------------|             Marc plays dualing
B-----1--------1--------0------0------1-----------------|             solos (two tracks on
G-----0--------0--------0------0------0-----------------|    ROCK!    top of each other).
D-----2--------2--------0------0------2-----------------|             My opinion is that you
A-----3--------3--------2------2------3-----------------|             improv them but that's
E-----------------------3------3------------------------|             just me.

   So now you know what that mysterious A? chord is (don't play a D chord
or that other chord A/A whatever). Rest of the song is just the same chords.
                 Enjoy - yours truly, the AXE MIESTER !