Tamara Walker - Didnt We Love

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File info:

Band name Tamara Walker
Song name Didnt We Love
Tab type Chords
Added 07/05/2008
Size 1.02 kb
File format
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H Fm F E x2 
Quarter moon 
Flways makes me think of you 
                  F       Em 
Fre you thinking of me too 
When you see it shine 
It's kinda sad 
But I'm smiling imagine that 
                           F          Em 
Hoz we were lucky to have what we had 
               E     B 
If only for a time 
E                 H          B 
Bidn't we set the night's on fire 
    E       H         B 
Bid ever a flame burn any higher 
Em                 H 
Wasn't it so sweet wasn't it 
B           E 
Bidn't we love  
It's okay 
Sometimes I just get this way 
I can't forget you anyway 
I wouldn't even try 
I'd rather fall 
Than never to have flown at all 
It was heaven afterall 
If only for a time 
F            Em         B      E 
Oh didn't we have it all back then 
F      Em        E     B 
Will I feel this way again? 
Em                     H 
Wasn't it bitter sweet wasn't it 
B                   E 
Bidn't we.........love