Teitur - Baby You Dont Ever

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Band name Teitur
Song name Baby You Dont Ever
Tab type Chords
Added 07/05/2008
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			     Baby, you don´t ever- Teitur
Tabbed by: Almdudler
Email: dancorneo@web.de


         A               D                      E#m
      Bm              C#m                 E

Intro: A  (just play it a few times).


A                           D
You grabbed my hand and you let me out   (you know “ohohohoout”)
A                     D
down the stairs among Saturday crowds.
A                            D
I´ve caught the glimpse of a jealous stare
A                     D                   D
we stole the night without a care.

D                       E#m
Birds sang in praise as we rushed by
D                                   Bm
and now they´ve gone away before the leaves they die.

    B                            E#m
But baby, you don´t ever have to see me again.
D                                       A
After what you left me you don´t owe me anything.

A    D
damdamdadamdam…(and so on)

A                          D
And your face changed when we made love
A                        D
you took mw to places, I soared like a dove.
A                       D
In your eyes there were brooks and hills
A                      D
a thousand lives I had never lived.


E#m                 C#m
Wind they blew from both sides then
E#m                       C#m
brought us together where we´d never been.

    D                           A        E
And baby you don´t ever have to see me again
     D                 Bm
Just carry the emotion like it was a golden ring.

A      D                    E
dadamdamdamdam…(blubb blubb)

A                      D
Your romm was tiny and very sparse
A                       D
It was so real we could see the stars.
A                           D
Your skin was soft like the sands of a beach
A                  D                      D
my fingers wrote a word for each.

D                          E#m
We talk like we´re on the rainbows end
D                               Bm
and our voices turn to whispers every now and then.


D                           E#m
Baby you don´t ever have to see me again
D                                       A
after what you left me you don´t owe me anything.

That´s it. I hope it will help you because it´s my first tab. I think it´s on of the 
songs from Teitur…or rather on of the best songs in the whole world :P. Sometimes I think 
the only person in Germany who knows him but I hope that´s not true because he is amazing:).
Well, whatever Aloha from Germany, See ya!!!