Tom Petty - A Higher Place

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Band name Tom Petty
Song name A Higher Place
Tab type Chords
Added 07/07/2008
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Date: Sun, 3 Sep 1995 10:55:00 -0400
Subject: tom petty's "A HIGHER PLACE"

Hello Everybody!:-)  This is my second Stab at transcibing music, and I think
this one is great. Well, here is another stab at another great tune of Tom's

first off, you only have to use 3 chords for the majority of the song. they

E chord                Asus2                  Dsus2 

E--0------         E---------           E---------
F--0------         F---------           F-----3---
D--1------         D--2------          D---1-----
B--2------         B--2------          B---------
G--2------         G---------          G---------
E--0------         E---------           E---------

(that's the fret's you have to hold, you play around with the fingering with
your liking:-)

here is how you would start off the begining on an acoustic guitar.

E         Asus2       Dsus2      Asus2     E     Asus2    Dsus2    

that's the beginning! I don't have the cd on me right now, but if you know
the song, you probably know the rythym!!!!

Here Are the lyrics!
p.s.   there are a few other chords, you probably know them though!


  We Gotta get to a higher place and we ...


(Well, i fool myself and i ...


(I remember walking with her ...

If you want the chord switches and lead, (which i have!), just E-mail me. If
you really want the leads, you would mail me, and tell me that you appreciate
my work  right? anyway, any requests, (I like Live, (the group:-) Ac/dc and i
guess you could throw in Sringe Toting Pilots. any questions, comments, Death
Threats, questions about computers (Dos or GW-Basic, I am the Man!) just
email me!!

                                 The Notorious
                                       The Infamous