Toploader - Achilles Heel

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File info:

Band name Toploader
Song name Achilles Heel
Tab type Chords
Added 07/08/2008
Size 1.42 kb
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Toploader, Achilles Heel.
Tabbed by David Boddington,
Toploader - Achilles Heel
Tabbed by Bodders


Chords needed:


Csus4       x24400
Ebsus2      xx0230
Fsus4       022200
Gm7add11    202200
Abmaj7      3x0002
Bbsus2      x02200

F           022100
F/G         222100
Eb          xx0232
F/A         476454
Bb          x02220
Dm7         x46454

Csus4     Ebsus2          Fsus4                  Gm7add11
Goodbye   to the sky    I know i cant fly  but i feel love

            Abmaj7        Bbsus2              Abmaj7    Bbsus2
do you know how      i    feel    you are my achilles   heel

The song continues as above until...

             F                       F/G  Eb
For theres a child in you eyes    and the child never dies

F/A     Bb                          F/A
so to   keep the dream alive        oooh

Dm7      Eb                     F/A     Bb
with the aid of second sight    i can   push with all my might

           F                      Eb
to make a statue in the sky            of my achilles heel

it then reverts back to the first chord sequence.

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B   B  O     O  D   D
BBBB   O     O  D    D
B  Bb  O     O  D    D
B   B  O     O  D   D

David Boddington 
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