Van Morrison - Ballerina

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Band name Van Morrison
Song name Ballerina
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Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 12:35:44 -0800 (PST)
From: aaron 
Subject: m/morrison_van/ballerina.crd

Artist: Van Morrison
Song: Ballerina
Album: Astral Weeks (1968)
Writer: Van Morrison

Tabbed by a little soul

A surprisingly frisky, Dylan-like ballad from side two
of 'Astral Weeks', rather out of place on that side
but fitting in well with the more upbeat numbers on
the first one. Probably recorded at the end of the
session that produced the album, this song has Van's
obviously out-of-tune guitar gradually overshadowed by
lovely, Motown-like honking saxes and more wonderful
bass and guitar from Richard Davis and Jay Berliner

Tuning: Standard (EADGBE)
Time: 4/4

G - 320003
C - X32010
D - XX0232

These chords are the same, of course, as 'Cyprus
Avenue', but without the capo, and 'Madame George',
which immediately precedes it on the album.

Okay, let's start!

C (2 bars)
(repeated several times)

G (4 bars)
C (2 bars)
D (4 bars)
C (4 bars)

G (G bars)
C (2 bars)
G (4 bars)

D (4 bars)
C (4 bars)
G (2 bars)
C (2 bars)
G (4 bars)

(several times for each verse, usually twice)

For the 'ring the bell/step right up' sections, it's
just a D chord held for many bars till another G - C
release, like the intro, followed by a D C G
progression. There are slight variations - especially
in the last verse - but Van never confuses things by
throwing in a fourth chord or anything. :)

With the whole thing repeated often.

The coda basically goes D C G.

And that's all! Send me an email at if you'd like more information.