Van Morrison - Before The World Was Made

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File info:

Band name Van Morrison
Song name Before The World Was Made
Tab type Chords
Added 07/11/2008
Size 1.32 kb
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Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 13:58:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: Charles Seymour 
Subject: m/morrison_van/before_the_world_was_made.crd

Artist: Van Morrison
Song: Before the World Was Made
Album: Too Long in Exile
Transcribed by: Charles Seymour


Dmaj9  Gmaj7 [x3]
Dmaj9  Asus2

Dmaj7  Em7      F#m7
If I   paint...

Gmaj7    Dmaj7 
And the eyes...

Em7              A         
And your lips...

Em7         A
Ask if...

Dmaj7     Em7  F#maj7
And it's mirror...

Gmaj7        Dmaj7
No vanities...

Em7                    A           
You're just looking...

Em7       A      

Dmaj7  Gmaj7  Dmaj7  Asus2

The same for the other stanzas and instrumental

For outro, repeat Dmaj7 Gmaj7

Suggested voicings:

Dmaj9 [xx0220]
Asus2 [x07755]
Dmaj7 [xx0222]
Em7   [xx2433]
F#m7  [xx4655]
A     [x02220]
Gmaj7 [3x443x]