Wilkinsons - 26 Cents

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Band name Wilkinsons
Song name 26 Cents
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Date: 11/9/98; 7:50:51 PM
From: Marsha Nelson 
Subject: 26 Cents by The Wilkinsons

The following is our interpretation of The Wilkinsons, 26 Cents.  It sure
is a great song, huh!  Enjoy!

I use the Nashville number system instead of chord names.  The song is in
the key of B on the cd:  1=B, 2=C#, 2m=C#m, 3m=D#m, 4=E, 5=F#, 6m=G#m

26 Cents - The Wilkinsons

Intro:	1    4/5    1    4/5

    1         5        2m 
She sat all alone on a bus out of Beaumont
     4          5       1
With courage of just 18 years
  1         5            2m
A penny and quarter were taped to a letter
    4          5           1      5/4
And Mama's good-bye in her ears
    1              5            2m
She watched as her high school faded behind her
        4              5            1
And the house with the white picket fence
     1            5             2m
Then she read the note that her Mama had wrote
4                          5
Wrapped up with twenty-six cents

                       1         5     6m    5       6m
Chorus:	When you get lonely   call me   anytime at all
              1           5      6m      5      6m
I'll be there with you    always    anywhere at all
There's nothing I got that I wouldn't give
    4                2
And money is never enough
         4                                            5
Here's a penny for your thoughts    a quarter for the call
    4          5      1
And all-a your Mama's love

  1         5              2m
A penny and quarter buys a whole lot of nothin
4           5            1
Taped to an old wrinkled note
             1           5             2m
And when she didn't have much, she had all Mama's love
4                   5
Inside that old envelope


               6m                    5           4
Bridge:    Oh, it's been years since Mama's been gone 
             6m               5                 4    5  6m  5
But when she holds a coin she feels her love----just as strong


              2m                         4
Tag:	Here's a penny for your thoughts  a quarter for the call
               5      1
And all-a your Mama's love

P.S.  I still cry when I sing this song!!!  :-)