Yankovic Weird Al - Achy Breaky Song

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Band name Yankovic Weird Al
Song name Achy Breaky Song
Tab type Chords
Added 07/14/2008
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Achy Breaky Song

(parody of "Achy Breaky Heart" by Billy Ray)

New Lyrics by Al Yankovic


You can torture me with Donnie and Marie


You can play some Barry Mantiloe

Or you can play some shlock like New Kids on the Block


Or any Villiage People song you know

Or play Vanilla Ice, hey you can play him twice


and you can play the BeeGees anyday

But Mr. DJ please, I'm begging on my knees


I just can't take no more of Billie Ray

1st chorus


Don't play that song.  That Achy Breaky song


The most anoying song I know

and if you play that song, that Achy Breaky song


I might blow up my radio.   Hooooo

2nd verse

You can clear the room by playing Debbie Boone

Or crank your Abba records until dawn

Oh, I could even hear Slim Whitman or Zamfair

Don't mind a Yoko Ono marathon

Or play some Tiffany on 8 track or CD

Or scratch your fingernails across the board

Or tie me to a chair, and kick me down the stairs

Just please don't play that stupid song no more

2nd chorus

Don't play that song.  That Achy Breaky song

You know I hate that song a bunch

And if you play that song,  that Achy Breaky song

It might just make me lose my lunch.    Hoooooo

3rd chorus

Don't play that song.  That Achy Breaky song

I think it's driving me insane

Oh, please don't play that song, that irritating song

I'd rather have a pitchfork through my brain.

(repeat 1st Chorus)


Al's Music Chords by Bob Ricci/Bob Ricci and his Stupid band