Armed And Hammered - Beans And Toast

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Band name Armed And Hammered
Song name Beans And Toast
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 05/01/2008
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                   BEANS ON TOAST - Armed And Hammered

By:  Lyrics and Music by AAH.

       C#     D       C#   D    A       G       (times two)

VERSE  -  Repeat the intro riff X 4

Living sucks and I was leaving my apartment
Got beaten up by cops you stole my drugs you just don’t care
Everything is futile it doesn’t matter anymore
It doesn’t make sense I walk away from it

           C      F(add C)     D      G(add D)    F#(add C#)    F(add C)

It sucks it does
It sucks it does
It sucks it does
It sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it does.....

VERSE -  repeat verse riff X 4

My whole life i’ve accomplished nothing
For eight hours a day got no money got no pay
Got no money to buy dope I just can’t drink I just can’t smoke
It doesn’t make no sense, I’ll walk away from it

CHORUS -  (repeat chorus riff X 4)

It sucks it does.... etc

VERSE - repeat verse riff X 4

Everyday is a different shade of grey
I don’t know where I’m going to I don’t know where I’ve been
All my friends are dead the rest are all in jail
I don’t know who my parents are they were killed in the subculture war

CHORUS - repeat chorus riff X 4

It sucks it does.....

BRIDGE -  played to a ska beat (down stroke muted, up stroke chorded)
chords are the same as in the chorus bit.

         C   C   C   C    G   G   A   A

Living sucks and I was walking down the street
Had no money to eat with had no money to drink
Went down to the welfare office had to get some dough
Filled the papers out wrong they told me I had to go  

VERSE -  verse riff X 4

Went down to the street to find something to eat
Got beaten up by Rednecks, decided to go home
The cops same in through the windows, doors they stole my stash and
fucked me up
Now all I have to eat is fucking beans on toast

CHORUS - chorus riff X 4

It sucks it does......