Better Than Ezra - A Lifetime

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Band name Better Than Ezra
Song name A Lifetime
Tab type Chords
Added 05/06/2008
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Better Than Ezra - A Lifetime

Intro: F,C,G x2

Allie woke up 8AM, graduation day.
Got into a car, and crashed along the way.
When we arrived late to the wake, stole the urn while they looked away,
And drove to the beach cause I knew you'd want it that way

    Dm                                     C
And you were standing on the hood of the car
   F                          G
Singing out loud when the sun came up.

And I know I wasn't right, but it felt so good.
And your mother didn't mind, like I thought she would.
And that REM song was playing in my mind.
    Dm                  C   F
And three and a half minutes
Felt like a lifetime
F,C,G                      F,C,G
     It felt like a lifetime

And you move like water, I could drown in you
And I fell so deep once, till you pulled me through
You would tell me
 Dm                             C
"No one is allowed to be so proud
F                                 G
They never reach out when they're giving up."


(Go back and forth between F and C, listen to the recording)
Are you sitting in the lights? Or combing your hair again,
And talking in rhymes? Are you sitting in the lights?

When I got home, heard the phone, your parents had arrived.
And your dad set his jaw, your mom just smiled and sighed.
But they left soon and I went to my room.
Played that disc that you'd given me
And I shut my eyes, swear I could hear the sea.

     Dm                                     C
When we were standing on the hood of your car
F                         G
Singing out loud when the sun came up.


Dm                      C,F,G
And three and a half minutes,
Dm                      C,F
Three and a half minutes,
Felt like a lifetime.