Big House - Baby Doll

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Band name Big House
Song name Baby Doll
Tab type Chords
Added 05/06/2008
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ARTIST : Big House
SONG : Baby Doll

G                        C
You want me to be with you
G                             C
An' take you to parties and bars
G                                   C
You leave me listening to your laughter
 G                        C
And party with all the boys
Na, Na, Na, na now

And when I take ya home

Ya leave me in the cold

G                        C
Now I don't like to be used
G                            C
I don't like being alone at all
Now, Now, Now,  na now

Oh, wont cha baby?

Oh, will ya baby?

G             C
Be my baby doll
G             C
Be my baby doll
G             C
Be my baby doll
                          F / C
or don't be anything at all

G           C           G
Maybe I am just too young
            C              D
To understand,   what you wish I could
G                 C          G
Well maybe you misunderstood
           A                   D
You never understand,  what I wish you could
           A            A                      B / C / D / G
You never understand,  what I wish you could

oh yeh....

chorus x1

Be my baby doll   (wontcha me mine?)
Be my baby doll  (my one and only doll)
Be my baby doll  (oh yeh)
or don't be anything at all

***It's the simple things that make people smile***
   One day I'll play it for you Steph....