Black Cherry Soda - Your Alibi

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Band name Black Cherry Soda
Song name Your Alibi
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 05/06/2008
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                       YOUR ALIBI - Black Cherry Soda

Transcribed by: Chris Hearn(

This is a mad song. I heard it on the bulletproof/gray dot sampler
Toast and Olive, and went straight out and bought their cd. It 
rocks! This is my first tab, so if you find any mistakes, then 
please dont hesitate to send corrections. 

Ab5   A5  B5   F#5

	Ab5	A5	Ab5	A5
	Ab5	A5	B5
	Ab5	A5	B5	(x4)

Verse 1:
(B5)I always tried (A5) I tried to find a reason 
(B5)Cant seem to find a reason (A5)why (Ab5) (A5)
(B5)I was mistaken (A5)taken for the foolish 
(B5)kind never had a chance to (A5)try (Ab5) (A5)

	(Ab5)	(A5)	(B5)Exception hard to find.
	(Ab5)	(A5)	(B5)You tried to change my mind.
	(Ab5)	(A5)	(B5)Your deception,
(Ab5)Your mission, (A5)Your Ali(B5)bi

Verse 2:
(B5)Another season, (A5)another	theme youre preachin
(B5)Cant seem to find a reason (A5) why. (Ab5) (A5)
(B5)It irritates me (A5)the shallow messages you  
(B5)say the wisdom of a foolish mind. (Ab5) (A5)
(B5)You amaze me (A5)Youre hearing nothing I say 
(B5)and then you tell me its a (A5)lie (Ab5) (A5)
(B5)I was mistaken (A5)taken for the foolish guy 
(B5)you never tried to look (A5)inside. (Ab5) (A5)

Chorus 	(x2) 

B5(Let ring)

(There is palm muting in here,listen to the recording to see where)
B5	A5	B5	F#5	A5	(x4)

B5	A5	Ab5	F#5	A5	(x3)
B5	A5	Ab5 (Let ring)