Dariush - Ageh Cheshmaat

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Band name Dariush
Song name Ageh Cheshmaat
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 05/10/2008
Size 2.01 kb
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Ageh Cheshmaat Tab by Dariush, 

	ageh cheshmaat...                    dariush               4/4

	kooho Mizaaram roo doosham, rakhte har jango mipoosham,        Mojo az daryaa migiram, shireye sango midoosham
        Dm                                     D7           Gm         Gm                Eb                
       Asus4   A

	Miyaaram maaho too khoone, migiram baado neshoone, 	       Hammeye khaake zamino, mishmoram doone be doone
	Dm                                D7           Gm              Gm                   Eb                    
Asus4   A

	ageh cheshmaat begam aareh, 				       Hich kodoom kaari naadareh  x2
	Dm                       Gm                                    Gm                      Dm

	donyaaro koolam migiran, roozi sad daffe mimiram               Mikanam setaarehaaro, joloye cheshaat migiram
	Dm                                             A                                                 A7       

	cheshaat hormate zamineh, ye ghashange naazanineh              To ageh mikhaay nazaaram, hich kessi toro bebineh
	Dm                                 Bb          A                A                                  A7     

	ageh cheshmaat....

	cheshme maaho dar miyaaram, ye nabardeboon miyaaram            akse cheshmeto migiram, jaaye cheshme oon mizaaram.
	Dm                                   D7           Gm                            Eb                        
  Asus4    A

	aftaabo varesh midaaram, baase cheshmaat dar mizaaram          az cheshaat ayni misaazam, baa khodam 
        Dm                                    D7             Gm                            Eb              

	ageh cheshmaat....

	    D7                    Asus4
    I---2----I        I---0-----|I
    I---1----I        I---3-----|I
    I---2----I        I---2-----|I
    I---0----I        I---2-----|I
    I---x----I        I---0-----|I
    I---x----I        I---x-----|I