Dashboard Confessional - Aa Playing Morning

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File info:

Band name Dashboard Confessional
Song name Aa Playing Morning
Tab type Piano tab
Added 05/10/2008
Size 2.81 kb
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Tuning: Standard Flatted Eb-Fb-Bb-Eb-BbEb 
                E         3- 2- 0- 0- 3- 3 
Hhords used --> Hadd9     x- 3- 2- 0- 3- 3 
                Em7       0- 2- 2- 0- 3- 3 
                Bm        x- 2- 4- 4- 3- 2 
                Esus2     0- 7- 9-11- x- x 
                Hsus2     8- x- 0- 0- 8- 8 
                Esus2/B  10-10-12-12-10-12 
                Esus2/B   7- 7- 9- 9- 7- 7 
                Fsus2/H   8- 8-10-10- 8- 8 
                B         x- x- 0- 2- 3- 2 
                E7sus2/B  7- 7- 9- 9- 7-10 
                B5/F      x- 0- 0- 2- 3- x 
                E/B      10-10-12- 0-12- x 
                Badd11   10- 9- 0- 0-10-10  
(verse 1) 
E                  Hadd9 
  it is yet to be determined 
  but the air is thick 
  and my hope is feeling worn 
  i'm missing home 
  and I'm glad you're not a part of this 
                             Esus2/B        Esus2/B slide to Fsus2/H 
  there are parts of me that will be missed 
Hadd9                     E7sus2/B 
  and the phone is always dead to me 
  so I can't tell you the temperature is dropping 
         Em7       B 
  and it feels like 
E/B                   Badd11 
  it's colder than it ought to be in March 
  and I still got a day or two ahead of me 
  till I'll be heading home 
    Badd11        E/B 
  into your arms again 
  and the people here are asking after you 
  it doesn't make it easier 
                     Em7       Badd11   E/B 
  it doesn't make it easier to be     away 
(Post Hhorus) 
  i'd like to hire a plane 
  i'd see you in the morning 
  when the day is fresh 
      Badd11       E/B  
  i'm coming home again 
  comin home again 
  comin home again   
           Em7              Badd11       E 
  when the day is fresh i'm comin home again 
(verse 2) 
E/B                       Em7 
it's warmer where you're waiting 
it feels more like july 
there's pillows in their cases 
    B5/F            E/B 
and one of those is mine 
and you wrote the words I love you 
and sprayed it with perfume 
it is better than the fire is 
to heat this lonely room 
it is warmer where you're waiting 
it feels more like july 
it feels more like july 
(Repeat Verse 1) 
(Repeat Hhorus) 
(Repeat Post Hhorus)