Dashboard Confessional - Age Six Racer Acoustic

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Band name Dashboard Confessional
Song name Age Six Racer Acoustic
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Added 05/10/2008
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“Age Six Racer” by Dashboard Confessional

Album -- “The Swiss Army Romance”

Tabbed By ThroughBeingCool121

Tuning:   Half-Step Down

I know tabbing this song is becoming redundant, but I looked through the other ones and none are exactly right… so here you go.  I’ve seen Chris play this song a zillion times and this is how he plays it.


eb --5------------------------------------------------------

Bb ---0-----------------------------------------------------

Gb ----6-7-6/2-2-2------------------------------------------

Db -------------0---0------0------------(x2)----------------

Ab ----------------2-2--------------------------------------

Eb -------------------0-5-5--2/5/73------------------------

* When you slide at the end of the end of the entro, hit each note that you slide to*

**I think I am missing one note, but it’s as close as I can get it.**

***This intro sounds closer to me than the other one that’s been tabbed***


eb --2-----0-----0-----3-----

Bb --3-----2-----3-----3-----

Gb --2-----2-----0-----0-----   (x4)

Db --0-----2-----2-----0-----

Ab --0-----0-----2-----2-----

Eb --------------------3-----

*The third time you play this, there is some muting on the D chord (232000)*

Picking Part:

eb --2---2--------------0----5---3--------------------------

Bb ---3---3-----2--------3----0---0-------------------------

Gb ----2---2---2-2----0---0----0---0-------(x4)-------------

Db -----------2---2--2-------------------------------------- 

Ab ----------0------2---------------------------------------

Eb ---------------------------------------------------------

*Use the same chords as in the Verse*

Verse (again)

I hate the winter…

eb --55555--2/5/733333-------------------------------------

Bb --77777--4/7/955555-------------------------------------

Gb --77777--4/7/955555-------------------------------------

Db ---------------------------------------------------------

Ab ---------------------------------------------------------

Eb ---------------------------------------------------------

*The ending mocks the ending of the into (2/5/73), that might help you to get it to sound right*

	This song is really easy, but if you’re just starting the guitar, the picking part can be kinda hard so just play the verse again. Just listen to the song for anything else you need.