Dion - Runaround Sue

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Band name Dion
Song name Runaround Sue
Tab type Chords
Added 05/11/2008
Size 1.07 kb
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This is an oldie but goodie.  easy to play.
Here's my story its sad but true
about a girl that I once knew
she took my love and ran around 
with every single guy in town

Then do the hep hep's and go into the song with these four chords played in loop.
I should'a known it from the very start 
this girl'd leave me with a broken heart
Listen people when I'm tellin' you
keep away from a Runaround Sue.

do the woh woah woaaah's 

always the same four chords.  If you want you can do the Dsus thing each time
you play the D chord at the end of the loop.

I missed her lips and the smile on her face
the touch of her hand and that girl's warm embrace
if you don't wanna cry like I do 
Keep away from the Runaround Sue

She likes to travel around 
Yeah she's got a love that'll put you down
People let me put you right 
Cause Sue goes out with other guys yeah

The moral and the story from a guy who knows
I fell in love and my love still grows 
ask any fool that she ever knew 
I'd keep away from a runaround Sue

then the woah's again