Erelli Mark - Ghost

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Band name Erelli Mark
Song name Ghost
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 05/13/2008
Size 4.08 kb
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Ghost Tab by Mark Erelli

Tab: Ghost
Artist: Mark Erelli
Album: Compass & Companion
Tabbed by: Nik Outchcunis
Date: January 24, 2001

Standard Tuning





   A         A*        D        Bm         E	    C#m      Asus
e| - 5    e| - 5    e| - 3    e| - 2    e| - 0    e| - 0    e| - 0
B| - 5    B| - 5    B| - 2    B| - 3    B| - 0    B| - 5    B| - 0
G| - 6    G| - 6    G| - 3    G| - 4    G| - 1	  G| - 6    G| - 2
D| - 7    D| - 7    D| - 0    D| - 4    D| - 2	  D| - 6    D| - 2
A| - 7    A| - 7    A| - x    A| - 2    A| - 2	  A| - 4    A| - 0
E| - 5    E| - 4    E| - x    E| - 2    E| - 0	  E| - 0    E| - 0

Intro chords:  A  E  D  E  A  D

  A         A*        F#m         D
I'm not the kind to believe in superstition

  A            A*            F#m
but lately the truth I have seen

is stranger than non-fiction

  A        A*              F#m
You race through my blood

some kind of sweet addiction

 A      Asus          A            E
Heaven help the fool who falls in love

 A            A*                F#m          D
I sleepwalk the streets of this town looking for your face

 A            A*            F#m
I ain't got nothing to show right now,

but I can't give up the chase

A        A*              F#m             D
Won't you show me a sign, some kind of saving grace

 A     Asus         A             E
You're the only one I'm dreaming of

 A        Asus        Bm
Can't get you off my mind

 Bm          A        E
I think I'm going insane

 E                         Bm
All these streets look the same

            A          F#m            E
Nodoby answers when I call out your name


  D             E
I need you the most

  E                     C#m
When you're not around

 C#m                    D
I'm in love with your ghost

  D               Bm
You're invisible now

   A                E
I know that it's wrong

To keep holding on to

  D               E
to something you can't even see


 A         A*        F#m       D
Guess you can already see my heart is haunted

 A            A*            F#m               D
You are everything I need, everything I have ever wanted

 A        A*              F#m
Lost myself somewhere between,

can't you hear me calling

 A    Asus       A        E
I wish I may, I wish I might

 A            Asus           Bm
First star I chance to see tonight

 Bm           A              E
Wish I could disappear right now

 E                     Bm
Fade into this faceless crowd

 A             F#m               E
'Cause I'm so sick and tired of missing you out loud


  A          A*      F#m              D
I'm not the kind to believe in superstition

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