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Band name Fabok
Song name Aaa
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 05/13/2008
Size 3.11 kb
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From: Peter Fabok 

           Slova ti odrazia hlavu plnu
           nebezpecnych teorii.
           Stroje sa pohnu prave vcas,
           ked slnka horia lutostou.
           Dnes tisice dravych zobakov
           sa obracaju na sever
           -tam umelec puste skrotil cas
           a piesok skryje jeho tvar...
           ...jeho tvar...jeho tvar...


tabulatures:PART 1
B----------5(pull 1/2)- 5(pull 1/2)- 5(pull 1/2)/3/0-----------------|
           PART 2
           PART 3

Play first PART 1 four times and then PART 1 together
with lyrics.Then PART 2 with "...jeho tvar...jeho...tvar...".
Then PART 3 with "...AAA...AAA...AAA...AAA...".
Sorry,the tabulatures are made basicly only.Next time I will try to write
solos or parts for second guitar too.Wait for more songs.This one is
completed,so you can use it.

If you have any questions,write:

P.S. Send me please lyrics from song"sittin' on the dock of the bay" from
PEARL JAM if you can.It's on the live record "no fuckin' messiah-94"
this song is not writen by PEARL JAM,they are only playing it.Try to find

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