Fortis - Ein Ketz Layaldut

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Band name Fortis
Song name Ein Ketz Layaldut
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 05/14/2008
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Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 22:30:39 +0200
From: Tom Kahana 
Subject: f/fortis/

Artist: Fortis-Sakharof 90'
Song : Ein Ketz Layaldut
Album : 1900 ?

-normal tuning

D - XX0232 | D5  - X577XX
A - X02220 | A5  - 577XXX
A#- X13331 | A#5 - 688XXX
F - 133211 | F5  - 133XXX
C - 032010 | C5  - X355XX

in the album they play it quitely with the regular chords
but i saw Fortis in a concert in which he played it on the power
chords and not so quitely... i like the second better...
but i'll let you decide...

i think the quite intro goes like this (this is how i hear it..) :
E|-----------2---------0--------------------------------| )
B|--------3---------------2---------3--------------3----| )
G|-------------------------------------3--------------3-| ) X 6 times
D|--0--0------------------------------------------------| )
A|---------------0--0---------1--1-----------1--1-------| )
    D5        A5       A#5                 

------------verse  #1 :---------------

     D        A          A#           

-----------bridge #1 :----------------

  D A        A#        C    

------------chorus :-----------------

    D            A           A#          

          F                       C           

intro * 4
------------verse #2 :--------------

-----------bridge #2 :-------------

-----------chorus---------------X 2

-----------end in C----------------

Tablature by Tom kahana. for any mistakes i have
or by ICQ 24997136