Fra Lippo Lippi - Beauty And Madness

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Band name Fra Lippo Lippi
Song name Beauty And Madness
Tab type Chords
Added 05/14/2008
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Beauty And Madness Chords by Fra Lippo Lippi, 


Tabbed by; Jason C. Almeda
Any comments please email me at

INTRO: 	F/Bb – Bb/D – EbM7---- ----
	Dm – Cm7sus,Cm7 – F- F7sus, F7--


F/Bb  Bb/D    EbM7--------
Over there,   just beneath the moon
               Dm    m7sus,Cm7      F – F7sus,F7--
there's a man with a burden      to keep.

     F/Bb     Bb/D    EbM7--------
now sleep will fall   washout rags n' paper bags.
Dm        Cm7sus,Cm7    F – F7sus,F7--
homes and lives passing by.

Eb         EbM7     Eb     EbM7     F, F7, F7sus, F
who will see the beauty in your life?
    Eb           Bb/D     Cm7     F        Bb--------  
and who will be there to hear you when you call?
Eb            EbM7      Eb        F, F7, F7sus, F
who will see the madness in your life?
         Bb/Ab           Gm7              Bb/D – EbM7- Dm-Cm7-
and who will be there to catch you if you fall?
 F – Fsus,Fsus- F

now dreams run wild, as lovers find their way
through the night, not a care in the world.

and over there, over the twinkling of the lights
harbor lights, say goodnight one more time.


	Bb/D – Eb – C/E – F
	Gm7 – Ab,Gm7,Fm, Eb
	F/Bb – Eb – C/E – F
	Gm7 – Ab,Gm7, Fm, Eb,F