Graw - ---ing An Aniamal

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Band name Graw
Song name ---ing An Aniamal
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 05/16/2008
Size 2.07 kb
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Gwar - ***ing an animal

tab by - Nfitzs555sicsicsic

email - -- email me and tell me how i did.

i tabbed this song with guitar in drop "D" tunning





|--------------------------------|     let each ring out as he "sings"




|--------------------------------| ]    



|-1-0-1-0------------------------|        ____All of "riff A" (used

|--------------------------------|        /     during verses 1, 3 & 5)



|--------------------------------|  /          









|----------------------| >-varies on how

|----------------------|/  many -3--1- to

|--3--1--3--1--3--1----|   to play on each

|--3--1--3--1--3--1----|   verse.




|-------4-4---3p2h3----X2------------|---|   "riff b"(used during verses 2, 4 & 

|--3-3------0------------------------|---|  /   ending)

|------------------------------------|---| /

|------------------------------------|-0-|let ring

Im not willing to spend any more time on this song...                lol

Sorry i didnt tab the solo but i did my best on the riffs.

if anyone can tab the solo send it into



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