Iggy Pop - Candy

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Band name Iggy Pop
Song name Candy
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 05/19/2008
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G   C    Em	


It's a rainy afternoon

In 1990

The big city geez it's been 20 years-

Candy-you were so fine


Beautiful beautiful

C	        Em

Girl from the north


You burned my heart

	C	  D

With a flickering torch

        Bm	   C		

I had a dream that no one else could see

            Am       D    C    D    C

You gave me love for free



Candy Candy Candy 

	        C    Bm7 Am   G

I can't let you go

All my life you're haunting me

I loved you so

Candy Candy Candy I can't let you go

Em   C

Life is crazy

Em   C

Candy baby


Yeah, well it hurt me real bad when you left

I'm glad you got out

But I miss you

I've had a hole in my heart

For so long

I've learned to fake it 

Just smile along


Down on the street

Those men are all the same

I need a love

Not games

Not games