Ives Burl - A Little Bitty Tear

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Band name Ives Burl
Song name A Little Bitty Tear
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 05/20/2008
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A Little Bitty Tear
By: Burl Ives
From the album: Little Bitty Tear (1960)
Words and music by Hank Cochran
Transcribed by John Patterson

A pretty simple tune and easy for beginners like me to play.

Chords: F C7 Bb (I usually put the capo on the 3rd fret and play D A7 G)

When you [F] said you were leaving to [C7] morrow
That today was our last [F] day
I said there'd be no [Bb] sorrow
That I'd [F] laugh when [C7] you walked [F] away.

A [F] little bitty tear let me [C7] down
Spoiled my act as a [F] clown
I had it made up not to make a [Bb] frown
Oh, but a [F] little bitty [C7] tear let me [F] down.

I said I'd laugh when you left me
Pull a funny as you went out he door
That I'd have another one waiting
To wave goodbye as you go


Every thing went as I planned it
And I really put on quite a show
And I thought I was gonna stand it
But when you got to the door