Jethro Tull - Back To The Family

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Back to the Family -- Jethro Tull (Stand Up)

Capo 2, or transpose up 1 full step.
Lyrics not guaranteed!

Intro Lick:

    C               G                         Em               A     Asus2
    x    x    x     x    x    x     x    x    x      x    x    x

Lick #2:

This one is played behind most of the verses, during the 'G' chord.
The tab below assumes you're playing an open G (300023); just work
this pattern into your finger-picking, if any.  It also sounds nice
when moved down an octave, but you need to go to dropped-D tuning.

e|----------------|----------------|    (Played twice behind 1st
B|--0--0h1--0-----|----------------|     line of each verse)

Verse 1:

My telephone wakes me in the morning.  Have to get up to answer the call,
     F             C           G             F          C          G
So I think I'll go back to the family, where no one can ring me at all.

Verse 2:

Living this life has its problems, so I think that I'll give it a break.
    F         C           G                   F         C         G
Oh, I'm going back to the family, 'cause I've had about all I can take.

Repeat intro lick, then:

Am C D                               C
     Master's in the counting house, counting all his money.
     D                               C
     Sister's sitting by the mirror, she thinks her hair looks funny.
     G                      Bb                C                         D
     And here am I thinking to myself, just a-wondering what it pays to do.

Solo 1 (bass/flute)

Alternate D & C, then end on Asus2

Verse 3:

I think I enjoyed all my problems, where I did not get nothing for free.
    F         C           G             F          C         G
Oh, I'm going back to the family, doing nothing is bothering me.

Verse 4:

I'll get a train back to the city.  The soft life is getting me down.
        F         C            G                F             C         G
There's more fun away from the family, get some action when I roll into town.

Repeat intro lick, then:

Am C D                          C
     Everything I do is wrong.  What the hell was I thinking?
     D                                C
     Phone keeps ringing all day long, I got no time for thinking.
     G                     Bb                    C                     D
     And every day has the same old way, they're giving me too much to do.

Solos (bass/flute, then guitar, then all fade)   D  C  D  C  ...

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