Jim Croce - A Long Time Ago

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Band name Jim Croce
Song name A Long Time Ago
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 05/21/2008
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From: yoast@xs4all.nl ('Yoast' Nicasie)
Subject: CRD/LYR/TAB: A long time ago - Jim Croce

A few days ago someone asked about Photographs and Memories by
John Denver, but actually he or she was reffering to A long time ago
by Jim Croce. So here it is. I TABbed the intro only (due to
lazyness...), which is basically the same as the verse.

A long time ago - Jim Croce

Intro: G - D - Em - C - G/B - Am - C - G

G                 D          Em
Seems like such a ...
C     G/B        Am  C  G
I was walking ...
G                D         Em
Getting tired of ...
C            G/B           Am C   G
Like all the lonely ....

Seems like such a long ....

C  C/B       Am    Am/G     Em
We spent the ...
    D          C       G       D   G
You said you'd ....
C   C/B    Am   Am/G  Em
But in the ...
                  D      C       G       D    G
There was nothing that ....
Em   D

C          G/B
I was so afraid to ....
A                    G
Thought you ...
C                     C/B        Am Em D
So I just watched ....
C                 G/B
Then you woke an...
    Am               G
The night is ....
C                C/B          Am Em D
I could sleep so ...

Wasn't very long ago....
Em D   D7  G
Hmmm,  mmm mmm

Intro & verse (Seems like such a long time ago...)

  G     -     D     -      Em    -     -     -

  C     -     G/B   -      -     -     -     -

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