Jimmies Chicken Shack - 30 Days

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Band name Jimmies Chicken Shack
Song name 30 Days
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 05/21/2008
Size 1.4 kb
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T1: nathan bonney, jsjnbonney@yahoo.com, jimmies chicken shack, 30 days,

  S1: this is a cool song. its a nice soft song from all the rest of jcs
  it only took me a few minuets to tab out, but i don't know if it is right
  but very close, i don't know the chords but heres the tab. if anyone
  knows the correct way or have any other jcs's tabs please e-mail me or
  fresh tabs., intro/verse 

  g.----------2vv---4---2p0---2 repeat over and over until chorus 


  g.----------------2---4p2---0---2p0---2h4---2 repeat twice, into/verse 4


  intro 00:00 to 00:15 
  verse 00:15 to 01:11 
  chorus 01:11 to 01:39 (note on the chorus's play twice and then the
  intro/verse 4 times) 
  2 verse 01:39 to 02:07 
  chorus 02:07 to 02:34 
  02:34 pause til 02:38 
  after chorus 02:38 to 03:20------intro/verse is played 
  ending 03:20 to 03:57------intro/verse is played (some chords are strumed
  but i don't know it) 

  there you go have fun 

  for words, comment, corrections e-mail me