Johnny Respect - Ballad Of The Invisible Man

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Band name Johnny Respect
Song name Ballad Of The Invisible Man
Tab type Chords
Added 05/22/2008
Size 1.79 kb
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                          / Ballad of the Invisible Man  \
                         /The Adventures of Johnny Respect\
                        /           TTTL Vol. III          \
                        \     ©1997 Sarabellum Records    /
                         \       Tabbed By Matt Atlas     /
                          \      /

A couple things, first these are all power chords.  Second E* is a high E.
Third, the A (and only the A) in the verses are played in this strum pattern:

      A (see note)
Well she seems to nitice everything,  but you know she never noticed me
         C                               G
and its ripping me apart inside,  and I know I'm gonna cry 
         C                B     A
but I'm never gonna be alone again
      A (see note)
Well she tells me what I wanna hear,  and she wispers softly in my ear
         C                               G
I won't talk about it anymore,  I don't wanna be a bore
         C                 B     A
but I'm never gonna be a bore again

Well she seems to notice everything
but she never seems to notice me
and she begins to tell me everything
and I can hear her in my dreams

As in all the songs I tab out, this may be completely off, but it'll give you
something to work with, and please update it as you see fit.  I figure
something is better than nothing, so enjoy this!