Leo Kottke - A Virtuoso Is His Own Reward

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Band name Leo Kottke
Song name A Virtuoso Is His Own Reward
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 05/25/2008
Size 4.4 kb
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Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 21:32:32 -0500
From: "Patrick Schwemmer" 
Subject: k/kottke_leo/a_virtuoso_is_his_own_reward.tab

This is a reissue of a classic Kottke tab by Charlie Weidhas. Enjoy!

Patrick R. Schwemmer

A Virtuoso is His Own Reward
     Written by Leo Kottke
     Transcribed by Charlie Weidhas
     Open D tuning (CD recording is tuned down 1/2 step)

This tune is fun to play with lots of open strings played and a bit of
     slide thrown in.  However, the tune sounds fine played without a slide
     (which is good because I can't play a slide worth a damn!)

What I've done here is TAB only fragments of the tune. Each fragment
     (or riff) is repeated throughout the tune but is never quite the same
     each time played.

IMHO, this song is really designed for improvisational playing around
     certain fingerings/patterns. Once you get the basic tune down, just let
     the rest flow. Without having the opportunity to ask Kottke, I would
     bet a buck that he plays the tune in this way.

This is taken from "A Shout Towards Noon" and I've added in the
     CD track time to indicate from where the fragment was taken.

Some assembly and imagination required. No timing included, listen to
     the recording. Once the basic pattern is learned, this song is fun to
     play and experiment with. Plus, its another tune to play when you're
     in open D.

s = slide
     h = hit
     p = pull
     * = notes are played using slide
     () = optional note
     @ = time in CD where fragment is first heard

@0:00 Fragment 1

Note 1: Use vibrato on middle d string 4th fret note.




@0:26 Fragment 2




@0:45 Fragment 3

(This is where you come in...)