Lodge Chad - Baby I Dont

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Band name Lodge Chad
Song name Baby I Dont
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 05/26/2008
Size 1.38 kb
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Hi there this is another one of my song's called "Baby I Don't" maby you 
can put it on Cowpie for me if this is the right format for it

Baby I Don't - Chad Lodge Feb 7, 1999 
You can say anything to make me stay
 E                                                     B
But I kow it ain't gonna work 'cause I know where I stand
 A                               E               A
People try to change me into something that I'm not
 E                      B                E
But listen up babe I ain't falling for that
I ain't falling for those fancy ol' lies 
Even you old kiss
 A                                B
Nothing that you say or do will make me change my mind
 A                                 E                  A
I got all I'll ever need with me sitting in front of you      E    B           
But baby I don't need you

Well I've been standing here for quite sometime just looking at her face
 E                                                                 B
When she walked up to me and said to me go ahead and make that mistake
 A                                 E                      A
I didn't know quite what to say I just looked her in the eyes
 E               B                E
And I told her well the same ol' thing

Copyrited to Chad Lodge Entertainment (C)

                                Thanks Chad Lodge