Madness - Bed And Breakfast Man

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Band name Madness
Song name Bed And Breakfast Man
Tab type Chords
Added 05/27/2008
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Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2005 16:04:36 -0000
From: nick 
Subject: m/madness/bed_and_breakfast_man.crd

Sat around listening to ska one night, not much madness on the net so I
thought id add some. Sounds great on an acoustic

Enjoy, Nick williams, any comments:

Madness-Bed And Breakfast Man

Intro: A D Fm E D

                A      D Fm E D
Well there's a man I know
             A             D Fm E D
At least I used to years ago
           A      D       Fm E D
I didn't really mind
             A                   D      Fm E D
He used to come 'round all the time

Of course he had to be fed
I had to give him a bed
He used to kip on my sofa
They used to call him a loafer

A D Fm E D              A D E

      C              F
I've heard he's changed
   A#         F
A lot since then
      G#             D#
But some of his ways
      C#          C   B
He just can't mend

Told the other day
That he'd offered to pay
He didn't like his dad
He earned all he ever had

He didn't have no shame
He was a master at his game
He never showed his hand
He was the bed and breakfast man

He was, he was the bed and breakfast man...